Over the last decade, modular carpet tile has grown in popularity based on ease of installation and increased design possibilities. To answer this growing demand for modular carpet tile, Propex engineers developed the world's first woven PET primary backing, back in 2011, now under the brand name Artis®. 

 Using the following illustration, Artis combines the ultimate in form and function of a woven polyester primary backing versus the traditional spun bond polyester backing. No wonder we call Artis the canvas of modular masterpieces. Nothing else can compare, whether you are a product designer, plant manager, specifier or purchaser. 












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Features & Benefits

Artis™ comes in four styles, each designed with specific benefits for you:


Original ArtisTM ArtisTM Matte ArtisTM FLW ArtisTM Tru
This is the first woven post-consumer recycled polyester primary carpet backing for modular tile. Artis™ combines all the advantages of spun bond and woven and sets a new standard for performance, pattern definition and sustainability. Artis™ Matte is Artis™ combined with a low luster finish that is perfect for medium face weight tiles. Artis™ Matte reduces the chance of the backing being noticeable in carpet tiles. Artis™ FLW (Fiber Lock Weave) is Artis™ combined with PCR PET fiber. The fiber is locked into the primary backing through needling. Artis™ FLW is designed for carpet tile designs that are very light in face yarn weight. Artis™ FLW, having very low luster due to the fiber cap, basically eliminates the probability of the backing being noticed on very low face weight tiles. Artis™ Tru is a multi-layered combination of Artis™ bonded with PCR PET through technology unique to Propex. Artis™ Tru is engineered for highly patterned carpet tiles that need additional dimensional stability. If you want your patterns truly straight, then Artis™ Tru is for you. 

ArtisTM Advantages:

  • Improves First Quality Yield
  • Increases Effective Capacity
  • Eliminates excess yarn weight
  • Adds >3 oz./sy of post-consumer recycled content to weight of tile
  • Provides greater pattern definition, dimensional stability, ability to tuft, mend and match broadloom
  • Is made with 100% polyester with at least 85% post-consumer recycled content