The Propex name is synonymous with a legacy of high-­‐quality manufacturing of innovative solutions that displace or enhance the conventional norms throughout everyday applications. With roots dating back over 100 years to a lace and carpet mill in the Long Island village of Patchogue, NY, Propex owes its success today to the pioneers that transformed weaving technology into advances in synthetic fabric innovation and production. The discovery of a chemical compound known as PTA in the 1950’s led to the full-­‐scale production of polyester fibers, and eventually to the mastery of polypropylene conversion into woven and nonwoven fabrics under the banner of Amoco Fabrics and Fibers. Shortly after the BP acquisition of Amoco in the 1990’s, Propex Fabrics was spun off in 2004 with a full line of synthetic geotextiles and concrete reinforcement fibers, backing and furnishing solutions, industrial and agricultural packaging and materials, and breakthrough innovative composites.

Today Propex is nestled within the textile manufacturing hub of the U.S with corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. Propex continues to pioneer the synthetic fiber and fabric industry with cutting edge facilities in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Hungary that produce hundreds of thousands of advanced products for a myriad of industries. We’ve billed ourselves as the ‘advantage creators’ in the 2000’s and then carried the mantra of ‘simplifying complexity’ since 2012. Today Propex still values our customers above all, as we embark on the mission of supporting a stable tomorrow.