Concrete Solutions

Propex has spent decades innovating and perfecting fiber reinforcement solutions that offer performance benefits over the entire life span of concrete. Fibermesh® works to simplify placement, minimize cracking in early plastic state, and control cracking in the hardened state to provide years of exceptional durability. With a full line of microsynthetic fibers, macrosynthetic fibers, blended fibers, and steel fibers, Fibermesh® offers reinforcement solutions throughout the concrete industry. Our concrete reinforcement fibers provide the perfect balance of performance and value to replace traditional reinforcement methods in slabs, composite metal decks, precast structures, shotcrete, and tunneling applications. Best of all, the team at Propex are EXPERTS in fiber reinforcement, and love to answer the tough questions and solve your problems. As the most recognized and trusted brand in the industry, Fibermesh® is engineered for the ultimate performance.