Containment (Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining)


Extracting the earth’s resources and harnessing the power of renewable energy doesn’t come easy, and disturbing and restabilizing ground without negative impacts is challenging. As we continue to need these resources and energy sources, the advances in geotextile technology helps to preserve the environment while we increase production.

Propex GEOTEX® and GRIDPRO® solutions are perfect choices for stabilizing haul roads, reinforcing pads and facility foundations, and cushioning containment ponds and pits throughout the mine, oil and gas, or power plant site. The technical advantages that Propex incorporates into manufacturing these products allows for optimal strength, performance, and durability to meet rigorous needs in application.

Discover where Propex geotextile solutions can be used in mining, pipeline, coal ash, and other energy and resource projects today.

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Geotextiles made for the energy and resources industries

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Erosion Control

Sediment is the primary pollutant of waterways in the U.S., and negatively affects rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, and ponds throughout the world. Building a frack well, excavating a pipeline, or cutting a haul road can lead to substantial soil erosion or sloughing slopes, and contribute to continued sedimentation pollution of waterways if uncontrolled. Not to mention the danger of a failed surface impoundment releasing contaminants into waterways if it erodes and breaches.

Propex provides engineered erosion and slope stabilization solutions that are superior to conventional hard armor fixes. Our LANDLOK®, PYRAMAT®, and ARMORMAX® solutions are lightweight, easy to transport and install, and provide aesthetic and sustainable benefits to all types of energy and resource production projects.

Discover the benefit of incorporating innovative and sustainable erosion control and slope stabilization systems into your mine, oil and gas, and coal ash disposal project today.

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Support a stable tomorrow by controlling erosion and reinforcing slopes today

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Diversion Channel Lining

Carlota Mine: Miama, AZ

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Landfill Remediation

Mabel Davis Landfill: Austin, TX

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