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Erosion Control

Photo of Adam Pierce

Southeast U.S.

Adam Pierce / 423-667-5741


Photo of Angela Preston

Gulf U.S.

Angela Preston / 817-470-5875

Photo of Todd Julian

Ohio Valley

Todd Julian / 317-741-7720

Photo of Martin Uptain

Southeast U.S.

Martin Uptain / 678-446-4356

Photo of Jim Lemos

Western U.S.

Jim Lemos / 303-520-3238


Looking for technical support? Our team is here to assist you.

As the industry leader in geotextile solutions for civil engineering, erosion control, and slope stabilization applications, Propex offers world-class technical support for every stage of your project. At Propex, we invest in intellectual talent to ensure you are provided support by experts in the field, which entails:

• Needs assessment and consultation with solutions experts.
• Design, analysis, and modeling assistance from an applications engineering professional.
• Quality assurance provided by seasoned manufacturing and production specialists.
• Installation guidance and construction support based on decades of experience.

Photo of Kathryn Grant

Marketing Manager

Kathryn Grant / 423-553-2563

Photo of Drew Loizeaux

Engineering Services Manager

Drew Loizeaux / 423-413-7868

Photo of Scott Manning

VP of Business Development, Erosion Control

Scott Manning / 423-305-3411

Photo of Michael Johnson

Market Development Manager, GeoSolutions

Michael Johnson / 404-754-8883

Photo of Randy Thompson

Flood Control Solutions

Randy Thompson / 276-970-6612

Photo of Ben Campbell

Shoreline Solutions

Ben Campbell / 423-553-2039

Photo of David Andrews

Pavement Solutions

David Andrews / 678-767-9601

Photo of Jeff Hoilman

Erosion Control Solutions

Jeff Hoilman / 423-553-2060

Photo of Jay Daily

G.S. Regional Sales Engineer

Jay Daily / 218-838-7552

Photo of Ray Bruno

Vice President, Sales - Geosynthetics

Ray Bruno / 609-455-4335

Engineering Services Hotline


Customer Service (for all orders)

Toll-Free / 1-800-621-1273

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