LANDLOK® Turf Reinforcement Mats

LANDLOK® Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) featuring X3® Fiber Technology are three-dimensional and/or stitchbonded polypropylene geotextiles that deliver long-term erosion protection. By reinforcing roots and stems, LANDLOK promotes vegetation, which has been recognized by the EPA as the most effective form of erosion control.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented X3®  Fiber Technology features unique trilobal cross section to capture water, soil and seed for enhanced vegetation
  • Made with all stabilized components to improve overall performance 
  • Demonstrates robust UV resistance for up to 10 years design life
  • More environmentally-friendly solution compared to rock riprap and concrete paving
  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs
  • Overall costs savings compared to traditional hard armoring solutions


  • Low flow channels and waterways
  • Roadside erosion control

LANDLOK® Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) are dimensionally stable reinforced rolled products made from a variety of organic and synthetic materials. All of our ECBs are designed to hold seed and soil in place, protect emerging seedlings and accelerate vegetation growth to achieve long-term erosion protection.

Available ECBS

Biodegradable Net: Composed of biodegradable jute netting and straw matrix.

  • Perfect for environmentally sensitive projects
  • Provides functional longevity for up to 36 months

Photodegradable: Composed of a photodegradable polypropylene netting, straw and/or coconut matrix
Application: Slight to moderate slopes
Provides functional longevity for up to 36 months


Short-term challenges of establishing vegetation in low to moderate erosion applications

  • Moderate slopes
  • Swales, low flow channels


For more information about LANDLOK Erosion Control Blankets download the sell sheet here and  LANDLOK Turf Reinforcement Mats  download the sell sheet here.

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