Infrastructure & Transportation

Propex offers a full line of woven and nonwoven geotextiles to help build and rebuild key infrastructure including roads, bridges, railways, and airports. Click here for an at-a-glance summary of our applications for civil engineering or take an interactive product tour to view our diverse range of applications.


Using geotextiles in roadway construction has the potential to save $2 billion annually!  Plus geotextiles can double the service life of roads, dramatically reduce maintenance costs and minimize a project’s overall carbon footprint.  Read the case studies below to learn how our geotextile solutions have already supported key infrastructure projects. 

Parking Lot Pavement Overlay

Commercial Parking Lot: Lebanon, MO

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Runway Rehabilitation

Denver International Airport: Denver, CO

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Unpaved Road Separation/ Stabilization

Oklahoma Roads: State of Oklahoma

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Unbonded Concrete Overlay

Washington County Road: Herman, NE

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