Petromat Original

PETROMAT™ Engineered Paving Fabric

PETROMAT® engineered paving fabrics are used as a moisture barrier and stress absorbing interlayer beneath flexible pavements such as asphalt overlays or a chip seal. PETROMAT is unchallenged in the industry for asphalt pavement interlayer application. It is AASHTO/NTPEP compliant and is available in a variety of styles to fit your specific project needs and specifications. To learn more about PETROMAT's history, click here

Features & Benefits

  • Provides maximum protection against moisture and cracking
  • Creates a stress-absorbing interlayer to slow the progress of reflective cracks
  • Replaces 1.5” of asphalt, saving an average of $50/lane mile
  • Doubles road service life
  • Improve durability and performance within rural chip seal pavement surface treatments
  • Reduces need for additional maintenance
  • One roll is wide enough to cover a lane in one pass
  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs


  • Asphalt Pavement Overlay
  • Chip Seal


For more information about PETROMAT® download the brochure here. 

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