Petromat Original vs Petromat Plus White Side by Side


PETROMAT Plus-White paving fabrics minimize tracking and bleed through when using the speci­fied amount of tack coat required to create an effective moisture barrier. This feature eliminates the time and cost of spreading sand to allow construction traffic on the interlayer without damage. Additionally, its solar-reflective properties create a cooler, safer work environment in warm to hot climates. PETROMAT Plus-White is compliant with AASHTO/ NTPEP standards and is available in a variety of styles and widths to fit your specific project needs and specifications.

Features & Benefits

Design and Performance

  • Solar reflective fabric is designed to remain up to 50° F cooler than dark paving fabric once installed:
    • Allowing asphalt to cool faster and stay cooler during installation thus minimizing tack oil bleed through and asphalt tracking
    • Allowing for the correct amount of tack coat to be applied without concern of bleed through
    • Enabling a cooler, safer work environment
  • Prevents the time and cost of sanding to enable construction traffic without fabric damage
  • Creates a stress-absorbing interlayer to slow the progression of reflective cracks—equivalent to an additional 1.5” of overlay thickness (saves $20K
    per lane mile)
  • May be used directly on any milled surface, unlike fiberglass products which can rupture on coarse milled surface
  • Creates an effective moisture barrier to maintain the strength of pavement support layers
  • White fabric provides better visibility during nighttime paving
  • Greatly extends the life of new asphalt concrete pavements and overlays

Cost Savings

PETROMAT PLUS-WHITE assures proper installation to prolong the life of new and rehabilitated pavements, to reduce future maintenance costs. The Petromat System is the most cost-effective pavement rehabilitation strategy as it addresses both cracking and moisture related problems.


Asphalt Pavement Overlay

When installed over an asphalt cement tack coat, PETROMAT PLUS-WHITE becomes an effective moisture barrier and stress absorbing interlayer within new asphalt pavements and beneath asphalt overlays. It’s specifically designed to facilitate installation of paving fabric in warm to hot weather when tack coat bleed through and equipment tracking can be problematic.

Petromat Original | Plus-White

Petromat Original vs Petromat Plus White Side by Side

Case Study

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Sell Sheet

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