PETROTAC™ Self-Adhesive Paving Membrane

PETROTAC® is a self-adhesive paving membrane geotextile designed to protect pavements from moisture damage by providing a stress absorbing interlayer to decrease the development of cracking over time. It is used to treat local pavement distress, including joints and cracks, and can also be used as a moisture barrier on bridge decks.

Features & Benefits

  • Peel-and-stick application makes installation fast and easy
  • Protects pavements and localized failures against moisture
  • Protects against reflective cracking
  • Small rolls make it easy to handle and install
  • Reduces the cost of bridge waterproofing
  • Lowers the cost of pavements


  • Local pavement distress
  • Moderate joints and cracks
  • Highways and parking areas
  • Airport pavements
  • Bridge Decks


For more information on PETROTAC download sell sheet here.