Case Study: Reinland Channel


Case Study Overview

Project: Reinland Channel
Location: Minitoba, Canada
Project Type: Channel
Application: Channel Stabilization
Product Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo of Reinland Channel side slope


A nearly two mile long section of a channel in Reinland, Canada flooded in 2016 causing major failures. The town needed to stabilize the eroded channel banks to prevent further flooding and shoreline loss. The channel's soil is sandy silty clay and the side slopes are graded to 3.5H:1V.


Rock riprap was considered but the closest source was more than 60 miles away. ARMORMAX® was selected because it costs significantly less to ship, while outperforming hard armoring solutions. One truckload of 20,000 square yards of ARMORMAX® is equivalent to 667 truckloads (6,667 cubic yards) of rock riprap. Not only does this cut transportation costs, but it minimizes the project's overall carbon footprint by reducing transportation emissions. And, because ARMORMAX® is a vegetating system, it provides valuable pollutant removal capabilities.

Photo of Reinland Channel bank stabilization in progress.
Completed stabilization of Reinland Channel slopes


ARMORMAX® was installed during the winter of 2017. Within six months, the channel was fully vegetated.

Photo of Gateway Services Community Development District pond bank after restoration using ARMORMAX.


This combination provided a natural solution, minimized the need for costly stone and restored property to homeowners.

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