Case Study: Abbott Wash Channel


Case Study Overview

Project: Abbott Wash Channel
Location: Mesquite, NV, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Channel Protection
Product Used: PYRAMAT®

Photo showing prevalent erosion in the Abbott Wash channel prior to construction of the Mesquite Vistas residential development.


Mesquite, Nevada, is a small but rapidly growing community of the verge of breakout growth. Located approximately 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Mesquite used to be a getaway from the hustle and bustle of its neighboring tourist mecca. In the last decade, however, Mesquite's population has multiplied ten-fold, making it the fastest-growing city in Nevada. An expanding population requires new housing and new developments. This extensive construction, along with the sandy soils found in the area, required a comprehensive blend of both defensive sediment control and offensive erosion prevention measures to help preserve the areas natural beauty.


Developer Keith Irons chose a vegetated solution that would allow him to turn this section of the property into a linear park and fulfill a city ordinance that required minimal disturbance. Engineer Don Haselhoff with G.C. Wallace was consulted to convert the project to a reinforced vegetated channel, which not only offers substantial cost savings over concrete and other hard armor systems but helps to improve water quality as well. A shear stress analysis was performed for Abbot Wash channel which demonstrated that the channel design, based upon a 100-year storm event, was well within the capabilities of PYRAMAT® in an unvegetated condition. Haselhoff and contractor Randy Johnson both chose PYRAMAT® HPTRM. They rejected other TRM brands because of hydraulic performance, installation, durability, maintenance, and UV resistance issues. The identified tan PYRAMAT® as the ideal solution to visually blend with the sandy soil. They judged it to be the strongest HPTRM available, and because of Mesquite's arid climate, it was beneficial that this HPTRM contained no degradable components and provided superior UV resistance.

Photo showing the installation of PYRAMAT 75 along channel banks.



Photo showing the channel lined with PYRAMAT 75 to keep keep soil in place along sides and provide an anchor for future vegetation.


Not only was the developer able to receive credit for turning the channel into a park, but the use of PYRAMAT® instead of concrete also saved nearly $1.2 million in product and labor costs. The environmental benefits- natural appearance, cleansing of water, infiltration and exfiltiration features, and promotion of sediment capture of PYRAMAT® were realized in a very demanding arid reion of the U.S. According to Greg Osendorf of Attila Environmental Products, the success of the Mesquite Vistas project has spurred similar projects throughout Southern Nevada. "The installation went really well," he said. "We had no problems whatsoever, and it looks really good. We've had nothing but compliments on it since we finished, and we'll definitely use PYRAMAT® again."

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