Case Study: Border Road & Fence


Case Study Overview

Project: Border Road & Fence Project
Location: Douglas-Nogales, AZ, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Erosion Control
ProductS Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing slopes and drainage ways created during construction, which needed erosion protection.


The Border road and Fence Project was a 2,000+ mile project being constructed along the U.S.-Mexico border from San Diego, CA to Brownsville, TX. This project was constructed in regard to national boundaries instead of terrain. This presents unique challenges to the design and construction of this road as it crosses streams, rivers and mountainous terrain in ways where traditional civil design and construction might avoid. A solution was needed to provide permanent erosion control protection along the slopes and drainage ways created during the construction of the project.


More than 50,000 sq. yds. of tan AMRORMAX® was installed. The ARMORMAX system, comprised of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs) and Engineered Earth Anchors™, locks the soil in place and protects against hydraulic stresses. UV Exposure was also a key challenge for this installation because the vast majority of this road lies in arid or semi-arid climate where very little vegetation can establish. ARMORMAX meets the most stringent UV stability requirement of 90% at 6000 hours.

Photo showing ARMORMAX installation over 50,000 square yards along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Photo showing completed installation of ARMORMAX, which provides permanent erosion protection in this rugged environment.


ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions™ provided permanent, dynamic erosion control and slope stabilization in this rugged environment.

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