Case Study: Boulder City Golf Course


Case Study Overview

Project: Boulder City Golf Course
Location: Boulder City, NV, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Golf Course Stormwater Channel Lining
Product Used: PYRAMAT®

Photo showing the Boulder City Golf Course property pre-construction.


The 18-hole golf course in Boulder City, NV is part of the city's floodplain master plan, requiring energy dissipation and erosion control for stormwater flows exceeding 14ft/sec velocity.


Budget constraints and aesthetic expectations of the surrounding vicinity dictated an innovative lining approach utilizing reinforce vegetation for ultimate protection. The result was the design and construction of a composite TEEtoGREEN™ and Articulated Block solution that was rapidly deployed for immediate protection.

Photo showing PYRAMAT 75 installed with ACBs.



Photo showing fully vegetated installation of PYRAMAT 75, providing protection from high-velocity flood flow.


PYRAMAT® 75 with ACBs provided green stormwater infrastructure and with fully vegetated protection from high velocity flood flow and a reduction of $700,000 from the original concrete lining design.

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