Case Study: Brevard County


Case Study Overview

Project: Brevard County
Location: Merritt Island, FL, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Shoreline Restoration
Products Used: GEOTEX® 1201 Nonwoven

Photo showing erosion of beaches and dunes by hurricanes.


Brevard County needed a permanent solution to its eroding beaches and dunes caused by hurricanes. Engineers came up with an innovative idea to create artificial reefs to help reduce the impact hurricanes have on the shoreline.


The 8-by-12 feet rectangular segments are comprised of concrete mats, embedded with coquina rock with Propex's GEOTEX® 1201 nonwoven geotextile working as a separator and filter between the ocean floor and the concrete mats. GEOTEX® 1201 is tied to the mats with wire, but will be held down by the weight of the mats themselves once installed. The mats are assembled on a barge before a crane places them in about 40' of water a half a mile offshore. Divers then install the mats on the ocean floor.

Photo showing artificial reefs comprised of concrete mats embedded with coquina rock with a layer of GEOTEX 1201 on the bottom ready for installation.
Photo showing artificial reefs reducing erosion caused by hurricanes along the shore line.


Polypropylene won't breakdown in aquatic environments, preserving the integrity of the installation and is chemically inert, preventing leaching that could potentially be harmful to aquatic life. These benefits and the improved hydraulic capabilites of GEOTEX® 1201 were ideas for the installation. This is a two year project that plans to rebuild the depleted shoreline.

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