Case Study: Carlota Mine


Case Study Overview

Project: Carlota Mine
Location: Miami, AZ, United States
Project Type: Earthen Levees and Dams (?)
Application: Diversion Channel Drop Structure Lining
ProductS Used: PYRAMAT®

Photo showing natural flow of Pinto Creek.


The Carlota mine is located in the Miami-Globe mining region in the state of Arizona. On average, it produces 25 million pounds of cathode annually. Water is a precious resource in the region and environmental regulations specify zero discharge from mine operations to the nearby Pinto Creek watershed. Construction of heap leach pads in 2008 created the need for a diversion channel to maintain the flow of Powers Gulch without introduction of any leach effluent.


Velocities associated with critical and supercritical flow require design of a series of drop structures capable of energy dissipation to control erosion. The use of PYRAMAT® High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat was the right choice to line the drop structures based on its high UV stability and unvegetated hydraulic performance.

Photo showing PYRAMAT installation on drop-structure.
Photo showing the unvegetated hydraulic performance of PYRAMAT.


The cost savings over conventional concrete and gabion linings saved significant construction time and costs for the mine owner. The unvegetated hydraulic performance of the PYRAMATYreg; ensured protection without sediment pollution.

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