Case Study: Collins Street


Case Study Overview

Project: Collins Street
Location: Albury, New South Wales, Australia
Project Type: Earthen Levees and Dams
Application: Flood Bank Stabilization
ProductS Used: PYRAMAT®

Photo showing erosion along Collins Street caused by flooding.


Due to upstream development on Collins St., the potential for flooding was greatly increased by the reduced opportunity for natural ground water recharge. The City of Albury was concerned the flood protection bank would fail and erode during a significant storm event. The City needed a solution that would allow fora quick turnaround because its window of opportunity to complete the work was very short.


The project engineer deemed it necessary to design a levee bank for a 1, 1,000 year storm event to ensure adequate protection downstream. PYRAMAT® 75, a High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM), was selected to provide stabilization and long-term erosion control. PYRAMAT was chosen over rock riprap because it provides an environmentally friendly solution. During installation, PYRAMAT was placed in the critical root zone because the product's unique, trilobal design encourages mass vegetation.

Photo showing PYRAMAT 75 installed to provide robust erosion control.
Photo showing stabilized flood bank fully vegetated within several months of installation.


PYRAMAT's faster installation was more cost effective than traditional hard armoring methods and provides robust erosion control for up to 75 years of design life. The flood bank was immediately stabilized and fully vegetated within several months of installation.

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