Case Study: Council Fire Country Club


Case Study Overview

Project: Council Fire Country Club
Location: Chattanooga, TN, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Pond Shoreline Restoration
Product Used: ARMORMAX® 75 TEEtoGREEN™

Photo showing substantial deterioration of pond shoreline caused by erosion.


Beautiful ponds within the Council Fire Country Club have been plagued by erosion of shorelines by draw down from irrigation and wind generated waves. Erosion along some pond shorelines has been significant enough to hinder maintenance, and become hazardous to golfers and adjacent property owners. Routine maintenance required by the club has not been sufficient enough to prevent deterioration of the pond from erosion.


The ARMORMAX® 75 System from Propex GeoSolutions TEEtoGREEN™ was installed in October 2016 as a permanent, natural appearance slope stabilization solution that satisfied the maintenance team, blub members, and surrounding homeowners.

Photo showing ARMORMAX 75 TEEtoGREEN installation.



Photo showing gently sloped pond banks now protected from erosion.


ARMORMAX® by Propex TEEtoGREEN™ provided a rapid, low-impact installation of engineered bank slope stabilization with sustainable results.

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