Case Study: Desert Rose Golf Course


Case Study Overview

Project: Desert Rose Golf Course
Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Golf Course Fairway Channel Erosion Protection
Product Used: PYRAMAT®

Photo showing heavy flooding, which caused extreme erosion damage.


Immense flooding throughout Las Vegas eclipsed capacity of the Las Vegas Flamingo washes, causing erosion damage to the Desert Rose Golf Cource. Clark County officials took on renovation of the public course as part of the flood protection effort.


Seasoned industry leaders Heckenkemper Golf Design and Wadsworth Golf Construction were brought in to design and build improvements. PYRAMAT® 75 HPTRM from Propex TEEtoGREEN™ was chosen to line the wash and provide protection.

Photo showing PYRAMAT 75 installation lining the channel.



Photo showing vegetation five weeks after installation of PYRAMAT 75 with Hydroseed applied to PYRAMAT HPTRM.


The result was a beautified and protected Bermuda grass channel that is playable within the course!

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