Case Study: Germantown Country Club


Case Study Overview

Project: Germantown Country Club
Location: Germantown, TN, United States
Project Type: Shoreline Reinforcement
Application: Fairway Streambank Restoration
Product Used: LANDLOK®

Photo showing eroded and slumping stream banks degrading fairway at the Germantown Country Club.


Continuous flooding from upstream development resulted in years of deterioration of fairway drainage channels throughout the Germantown Country Club golf course. Eroded and slumping stream banks were degrading the fairway.


The Club opted to employ the LANDLOK® System from Propex TEEtoGREEN™ for permanent, vegetated stabilization of eroded channel banks- in lieu of more riprap.

Photo showing LANDLOK TEEtoGREEN installation along fairway drainage channels at the Germantown Country Club.




The installation was simple and rapid, allowing for abbreviated course closure time and minimal disturbance of the playable areas. The TEEtoGREEN™ solution was tested right away as storms in late 2013 caused bank-full channel flows, but the LANDLOK® provided championship caliber performance.

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