Case Study: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Runway


Case Study Overview

Project: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Runway
Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Roadway Slope Stabilization
Product Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing erosion and slope failure from heavy rain events.


Heavy rainfall at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia caused slope instability and erosion concerns. C.W. Mathews Contracting Co. Inc. and Athena Construction Group Inc. searched for a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods, which called for the ARMORMAX® 75 soft armoring solution.


Propex worked with the contractors to ensure an appropriate model and design for slope stabilization using ARMORMAX® 75 and installation support was provided by a Propex Certified Installation Manager.

Photo showing ARMORMAX 75 installation for deep slope stability.



Photo showing vegetated, engineered soft armor slope stabilization solution.


ARMORMAX® 75 is a proven technology with sustainable results that proveded significant time and cost savings and a vegetated soft armor slope stabilization solution.

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