Case Study: Lake Alan Henry Reservoir


Case Study Overview

Project: Lake Alan Henry Reservoir
Location: Lubbock, TX, United States
Project Type: Earthen Levees and Dams
Application: Slope Stabilization
ProductS Used: PYRAMAT® 75 and GEOTEX® Nonwoven

Photo showing unprotected slope susceptible to erosion.


The Lake Alan Henry Reservoir was originally built to provide a recreational area for local citizens as well as provide a source of drinking water. However, as wildlife moved in to forage on the vegetation that had developed on the dry side of the dam, a potential for erosion became apparent. The city needed to come up with a solution that would repair the dam and prevent any future erosion.


A system combining PYRAMAT® 75 High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and GEOTEX® 801HUV was chosen to fix this problem. First, a layer of GEOTEX 801HUV was installed to retain the finer soil particles due to the anticipated lack of vegetation. Next, PYRAMAT 75 HPTRM was installed over the GEOTEX to act as the outer erosion control layer and provide durability.

Photo showing PYRAMAT 75 HPTRM and GEOTEX 801HUV installation to protect the slope, preventing UV radiation degradation and erosion.
Photo showing protected slope with no vegetation to attract wildlife.


the entire installation took approximately 1 month to cover the 1,00 foot long, 140 foot tall earth dam. The combination of the two materials helped protect the slope, as well as prevent any damage caused by wildlife since the slope would not be vegetated.


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