Case Study: Lake Ogletree Spillway Modifications


Case Study Overview

Project: Lake Ogletree Spillway Modifications
Location: Auburn, AL, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Spillway Protection
ProductS Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing construction of new spillway and weir, where erosion protection was needed.


A new spillway and weir were put in lace in Lake Ogletree to help regulate the flow of the river. The project aimed to replace an existing 75-year-old spillway and increase the lake's water-holding capacity, which is the city's main water supply. The approach to the weir was in need of erosion protection as water would be flowing through it.


ARMORMAX® was utilized along the bottom and sides of the approach for spillway protection and bank armoring. ARMORMAX is composed of High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRMs) and Engineered Earth Anchors™ that work together to lock soil in place and protect against hydraulic stresses.

Photo showing ARMORMAX installed to stabilize slopes, provide spillway protection, and bank armoring.
Photo showing newly completely spillway, which is now protected from erosion.


Approximately 8,000 yards of ARMORMAX® was installed along the sides and bottom of the approach to stabilize slopes, provide bank armoring, and protect the spillway from erosion as the new weir was put in place.

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