Case Study: Napa River Levee Armoring


Case Study Overview

Project: Napa River Levee Armoring
Location: Napa, CA, United States
Project Type: Earthen Levees and Dams
Application: Flood Protection — Levee Armoring
Product Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing erosional damage to levee from 2006 overtopping.


Napa River dikes were overtopped, resulting in landside erosional damage. The critical nature of the structure required the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, to implement risk reduction techniques, such as levee armoring.


The Corps selected Propex to rapidly deploy the ARMORMAX® 75 system to immediately protect the City of Napa with a sustainable soft armoring solution that is vital to flood protection efforts.

Photo showing ARMORMAX 75 installation.



Photo showing levee after ARMORMAX 75 installation.


Many years later, ARMORMAX® 75 continues to improve levee resiliency and risk reduction, while withstanding the rigors of regular maintenance stresses.

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