Case Study: Pasadena-Glen Watershed


Case Study Overview

Project: Pasadena-Glen Watershed
Location: Southern California, CA, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Slope Stabilization
Product Used: LANDLOK®

Photo showing fire damage to San Gabriel Mountains caused by the Kinneola Mesa fire.


In October 1993, a series of major brush fires ravaged Southern California. The Kinneola Mesa fire scorched more than 5,700 acres in the San Gabriel Mountains, leaving several major watersheds barren. The watersheds serve the foothill communities of Altadena, Pasadena and Sierra Madre. Without vegetation, these communities were at high risk for catastrophic mudslides during the rainy winter months. The disastrous fire created a unique opportunity to quickly rehabilitate the Pasadena-Glen Watershed and restore it back to its natural state. The primary concern of the Forest Preservation Society of California was to restore the watershed's ability to collect and percolate rainfall, since each acre foot restored means substantial savings to the state by reducing the need to import water.


The project was divided into three phases: reseeding burned areas; stabilizing the soil by using erosion control blankets; and surveying the channel and clearing obstacles. The Society decided that the most cost-effective way to reduce runoff erosion and ultimately renew the environment was to install a layer of organic matter to protect the exposed soil. Because of the steeepness and the high altitudes of the San Gabriel Mountains, LANDLOK® CS2 Erosion Control Blankets from Propex Geo-Solutions were chosen to stabilize the slopes. LANDLOK® 24 is a high-tensile strength blanket made from a blend of coconut and straw.



Photo showing the slope of the San Gabriel Mountains growing grass one year after the fire and subsequent Landlok CS2 installation


Within weeks of the LANDLOK® CS2 installation, grass was growing on the sides of the mountains. Several years after the devastating fire, close review shows the use of LANDLOK® 24 was exceptionally effective in restoring the area.

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