Case Study: South Canyon Road


Case Study Overview

Project: South Canyon Road
Location: Paradise, UT, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Roadway Slope Stabilization
Product Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing sloughing/sliding failure to roadway slope.


As part of the Cache County, UT Emergency Watershed Protection Program administered through the NRCS, several failing roadway slopes were identified for repair as the County sought to improve overall transportation infrastructure. A section of South Canyon Road near Paradise, UT was undermined by Davenport Creek, and sloughing/sliding failures led to collapse of the county road.


ARMORMAX® was selected as a lower cost, rapidly installed vegetated alternative to a full slope gabion installation. The system was deployed for immediate protection and installed atop hydraulic growth mediums.

Photo showing ARMORMAX 75 installation atop hydraulic growth medium.



Photo showing completed installation of ARMORMAX 75 with vegetated slope reinforcement.


ARMORMAX® improved use of right-of-way and intermodal alignment while providing quicker vegetation establishment with X3® technology.

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