Case Study: US 10E Michigan


Case Study Overview

Project: US 10E Michigan
Location: MI, United States
Project Type: Road
Application: Paved Road Repair
ProductS Used: REFLECTEX®

Photo showing drainage issues on US 10E after 50 years of wear and tear.


A six mile stretch of US 10E between Coleman, MI and Sanford, MI was in need of repair due to 50 years of use causing major drainage issues on the highway.


Thirty-eight defects were fixed prior to installing REFLECTEX®, a solar reflective concrete pavement interlayer geotextile. Traffic was converted to the westbound lanes while construction was completed. REFLECTEX® was installed 6" off each side of the roadway to reduce surface temparature by 50° F, provide greater stress absorption, and eliminate the need for Hot Mix Asphalt.

Photo showing REFLECTEX installation 6 inches off each side of the roadway.
Photo showing REFLECTEX performance as it holds up against heavy construction traffic.


During installation, REFLECTEX provided a 33 degree differential between the asphalt interlayer and the product, eliminating the need to cool the surface with water. Additionally, its durable design held up well to heavy construction traffic. The paving contractor complimented the durability of REFLECTEX and was pleased that there was no need for multiple contractors to complete the project.

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