Case Study: Vensel Creek


Case Study Overview

Project: Vensel Creek
Location: Tulsa, OK, United States
Project Type: Slope Stabilization
Application: Flood Protection
ProductS Used: ARMORMAX®

Photo showing heavy erosion and slope failure from frequent flooding.


Frequent flooding within the Arkansas River watershed in Tulsa, Oklahoma caused incision and major erosion through the Jenks residential community. City of tulsa Public Works sought a low impact, vegetated solution to stabilize steep stream banks for shallow plane slope failure reinforcement.


Propex worked with the City's civil engineering consultant (SAIC) to model and design slope stabilization using the ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions™, and provided installations assistance in 2013-14 for the successful completion of the project.

Photo showing ARMORMAX 75 installation for steep bank slope stability.
Photo showing completion of vegetated engineered slope stabilization.


The Propex ARMORMAX® solution provided a vegetated slope stabilization solution that was more cost-effective than traditional solutions and is uv-stabilized for a 50-year design life.

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