Case Study: Washington County Road


Case Study Overview

Project: Washington County Road
Location: Herman, NE, United States
Project Type: Roads
Application: Unbonded Concrete Overlay on Existing Pavement
ProductS Used: REFLECTEX®

Photo showing pavement from the 1990s suffering from cracking and swelling, with many joints spalled and crumbled.


Washington County Road #4 was suffering from severe alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) causing selling and cracking due to the reaction of the highly alkaline cement paste and the non-crystalline silica when exposed to moisture. A new layer of pavement needed to be placed over the existing road.


REFLECTEX® Rapid Install was used as an interlayer system for the unbonded concrete overlay. The REFLECTEX interlayer provides stress absorption, disbonding, and lateral water transmissivity and replaces the traditional asphalt concrete interlayer as a better engineered and economical solution. REFLECTEX has the ability to lower surface temperatures during applications which reduces the overall stress on the concrete pavement causing less potential fro cracking. REFLECTEX was installed using the ProGrip™ adhesive allowing for a quicker and more efficient installation. The ProGrip™ also prevented REFLECTEX from wind uplift during installation. Since there were so many pavement patches on the original road, the traditional method of nailing down the geotextile would have been very difficult as different sized nails would have been needed.

Photo showing REFLECTEX Rapid Install with ProGrib adhesive being installed over seven miles of road starting at the Dodge County line.
Photo showing completion of project with REFLECTEX Rapid Install, which stops reflective cracking and helps wick water from under the pavement to the shoulder area.


The REFLECTEX® Rapid Install system was an innovative and more cost effective solution that has stopped reflective cracking and helped wick water from under the pavement to the shoulder area.

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