Arnold Palmer Airport



Location: Latrobe, PA

Product Type: Pavement Rehabilitation

Application: Airport

Product Used: PETROMAT Original


One of the taxiways at the Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe, PA was experiencing transverse and longitudinal cracking in the existing pavement. The airport needed a solution that would add more crown in the taxiway’s pavement to ensure better drainage.


PETROMAT® 4598 was chosen to reduce future pavement cracking and to serve as a moisture barrier beneath the asphalt overlay. The combination of improved road crowning and the Petromat moisture barrier will solve this airport’s moisture infiltration problems. PETROMAT 4598 is a nonwoven polypropylene and recycled polyester geotextile that provides a moisture barrier and stress absorbing interlayer.


47,000 sq. yds. of PETROMAT 4598 was installed along the taxiway at the airport without disrupting flight schedules. The FAA inspector on site was pleased with the process.

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