Central Termica Ezeiza

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project Type: Energy

Application: Energy Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control

Product Used: LANDLOK TRM


Grupo Albanesi in Buenos Aires, Argentina needed to protect the slopes around its gasoil platforms from erosion. Continuous scour of the slopes threatened the solidity of the platforms, which would cause major damage if the slopes failed. Grupo Albanesi needed a solution that would stabilize the slopes and prevent any future erosion from occurring.


CORIPA, Propex’s distributor in Argentina, proposed the installation of LANDLOK® Turf Reinforcement Mat to deliver the long-term erosion protection required. LANDLOK’s X3® Fiber Technology promotes vegetation by reinforcing roots and stems with its three-dimensional design.


LANDLOK was installed without problem and the platforms are performing according to the original design.

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