Dan Jones Road Resurfacing

Dan jones road


Location: Town of Avon, IN

Project Type: Roadway

Application: Pavement Overlay

Product Used: PETROMAT Enviro


When Dan Jones Road in the Town of Avon, Indiana needed to be repaved due to linear and longitudinal cracking, Public Works knew it wanted to include a paving fabric into the new road design. The Town has been using asphalt paving fabric for the past 15 years and sees it advantages for reducing roadway maintenance costs. Seal cracking was used in the past to slow down reflective cracking, but Owner was looking for a more long term solution. TruPave was considered, but the project engineer decided to try PETROMAT® Enviro because it is engineered to mill and recycle easily and it offers an excellent moisture barrier.


The surface of the road was milled and approximately 37,000 square yards of PETROMAT Enviro was installed. Enviro features optimal elongation, allowing it to be installed directly on a milled surface without a leveling course. Finally, two inches of new compacted asphalt was laid on top of the fabric.


PETROMAT Enviro was installed easily and without any issues by the installer.

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