Lebanon Road

Lebanon hero


Location: Frisco, TX

Project Type: Road & Railways

Application: Roadside and Railway Embankment Stabilization

Product Used: ARMORMAX


Heavy rainfall and offsite drainage in Frisco, TX caused the slope along Lebanon Road and the overhead railroad bridge to fail.


To repair the roadway and railroad bridge embankment slope, the consulting engineer chose ARMORMAX® 75 Engineered Earth Armoring Solution for repair and protection. This system was chosen because it offered a lower cost solution, less traffic impact and faster installation than traditional hard armoring solutions like rock and concrete.


The engineered earth vegetated outcome is more aesthetically pleasing than rock riprap because it blended into the adjacent surroundings. Lastly, the vegetated system provides water quality benefits by filtering pollutants from the adjacent roadway and railroad storm water runoff prior to entering the closed storm drainage system.

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