Mackintosh Spillway

Mac spillway hero


Location: Greensboro, NC

Project Type: Shorelines and Waterways

Application: Spillway and Pond Stabilization

Product Used: ARMORMAX


Mackintosh on the Lake, a home development community in North Carolina, has a large storm water pond and multiple forebays to handle the community’s runoff storage. The emergency spillway allows for excess water to properly drain from the detention pond when the capacity has been exceeded. The spillway was in need of protection in order to control erosion and reduce potential damage to businesses and residences downstream.


ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring Solution™ was chosen because it is a soft armoring solution that is easily installed, improves water quality and is resistant to non-hydraulic stresses such as mower and maintenance equipment.


Approximately 400 square yards of ARMORMAX® was installed in the first section and the spillway is performing well.

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