Ravines of Richford

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Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Project Type: Shorelines & Waterways

Application: Bank Stabilization

Product Used: ARMORMAX

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In 2011, development was underway for the Ravines of Richford neighborhood. Richford is in southwest Edmonton, Alberta, Canada overlooking the Blackmud Creek Ravine. A section of the ravine was experiencing erosion along the top of the slope. The developer needed to stabilized the slope to ensure that homes build adjacent to it would not lose property due to erosion.

The hydraulic parameters included a two percent slope, 2.54 m/s velocity and sheer stress of 63 Pa. The project engineer wanted a cost effective solution that would also provide long-term protection.

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ARMORMAX® was selected to repair the slope. ARMORMAX is a solution for stabilizing slopes adjacent to water, steep slopes with potential for shallow plane failure, and wave action. The system is composed of Engineered Earth Anchors that are designed and tested for compatibility and performance with High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) to promote vegetation and increase slope stability for up to 75 years.

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The installation effectively stabilized the slope and provided a long-term solution against further slope instability. Additionally, ARMORMAX promotes reinforced vegetated, providing a vegetated solution that is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

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