Springfield Street

Dayton hero


Location: Dayton, OH

Project Type: Roadway Rehabilitation

Application: Roadway

Product Used: PETROMAT Enviro


Springfield Street in Dayton, OH was experiencing various cracking including reflective, transverse, and micro. The main cause was due to moisture weakening the pavement foundation layers, exacerbated by harsh freeze/thaw conditions during winter months. The City and the Ohio Public Agencies (LPA) wanted a solution that would increase the lifespan of the roadway and reduce future maintenance. The City and LPA also wanted to ensure the roadway could eventually be milled and recycled.


PETROMAT® Enviro™, a recyclable paving interlayer, was selected to provide a moisture barrier for the reconstructed roadway. The paving fabric is engineered to prevent water from infiltrating the pavement and weakening the soil. This helps to avoid freeze/thaw damage and pothole generation. Additionally, Enviro is engineered to easily mill and recycle.


The project was a complete rebuild with 6 inches of asphalt base, 1.75 inches of intermediate, and 1.5 inches of surface. Approximately 5,800 square yards of Petromat Enviro was placed between the base asphalt concrete and the intermediate course.

In addition to providing an unmatched moisture barrier, PETROMAT Enviro will allow for greater stress absorption to more efficiently slow fatigue and reflective cracking. If future cracking does occur, Petromat Enviro will span those cracks to maintain the integrity of the moisture barrier.

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