State Route 60 Resurfacing



Location: Lake Wales, FL

Project Type: Pavement Rehabilitation

Application: Roadway

Product Used: PETROMAT Plus-White


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) needed to resurface six miles of State Route 60 in Polk County. For more than a decade, FDOT had installed similar roadway projects without a paving fabric, however it was disappointed with the lifetime performance of these resurfaced roads.


The spec for this project was open to all paving fabrics, but PETROMAT Plus-White was selected because its reflective properties increases visibility during night paving and remains up to 50 degrees cooler than dark paving fabric during daytime paving. Additionally, PETROMAT Plus-White’s solar reflective fabric is designed to allow asphalt to cool faster and stay cooler during installation, thus minimizing tack oil bleed through and asphalt tracking.


Approximately 6,000 square yards of PETROMAT Plus-White was installed. Prior to installation, the road was milled. PETROMAT Plus-White can be placed directly on any milled surface without a leveling course. Once installed, it creates a stress absorbing interlayer that slows the progression of reflective cracking. When saturated with asphalt cement, PETROMAT Plus-White’s performance is equal to an additional 1.5” of overlay thickness.

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