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PETROMAT® Plus-White Engineered Paving Fabric

PETROMAT® Plus-White is the industry’s most versatile paving fabric that yields consistent installation, day or night, and in any climate. Its light reflective properties remain up to 50° F cooler, than dark paving fabric. PETROMAT Plus-White is compliant with AASHTO/ NTPEP standards and is available in a variety of styles and widths to fit your specific project needs and specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Solar reflective fabric remains up to 50° F cooler than dark paving fabric, minimizing tack coat bleed through and tracking and enabling a cooler work environment
  • Reflective fabric provides better visibility during night paving
  • Engineered with optimal elongation to allow placement directly onto a milled surface
  • Flexible design allows smooth, wrinkle-free installation even around curves
  • Prevents the time and cost of sanding to enable construction traffic without fabric damage
  • Poses no safety hazard or irritation associated with fiberglass-based products
  • Creates an effective moisture barrier to maintain the strength of pavement support layers
  • Greatly extends the life of new asphalt concrete pavements and overlays
  • Thicker design than most fiberglass-based paving mats, allows greater stress absorption to more efficiently slow fatigue and reflective cracking
  • Proven performance equal to an additional 1.5" asphalt concrete overlay thickness
  • Flexible design maintains an uncompromised moisture barrier, even if cracking does occur in the pavement
  • Provides 360 degree strength for multidirectional performance
  • Retains strength during installation and while in service better than fiberglass-based products
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