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Innovation goes beyond product design and market development. At Propex we believe that creating geotechnical solutions without compromising our environment is essential to a sustainable future. Implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, reducing our carbon footprint, and developing products and systems that have lasting environmental benefits are critical components that guide our environmental vision. Through this vision, we hope to not only hold ourselves accountable, but also further the geosynthetic industry’s commitment to sustainability.

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Pfas free plastics

PFAS-FREE Plastics

  • PFAS-Free Polypropylene
  • Contains No Leachable Components
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Sustainable Manufacturing

At the core of our sustainability efforts is our manufacturing and distribution facility in Ringgold, Georgia. For more than a decade, it has been ISO 14001 Certified, which recognizes that we are actively measuring our environmental impact and continuously looking for ways to improve it. These annual audits have driven a number of outcomes including re-pelletizing unused polypropylene and implementing energy conservation initiatives.

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

In addition to leading the industry in sustainable manufacturing, Propex is the first company to verify the carbon footprint of its high performance turf reinforcement mat or HPTRM, by an independent, third-party organization. From cradle to grave, PYRAMAT’s carbon footprint is 2.7 kgCO2e per 1m2 of material. Comparatively, concrete-based alternatives for erosion control are up to 10 times higher, and rock riprap is more than 30 times higher.

Engineered plastics

Engineered Plastics

  • Most Are Stabilized To Withstand Degradation
  • Made From Durable Polypropylene That Does Not
  • Designed For Long Lasting Or Permanent Use
  • Functional Longevity Of Up To 200 Years
  • Engineered To Withstand UV Exposure, Resist Corrosion & Maintain Durability In Demanding Environments
Single use plastics

Single-Use Plastics

  • Not Stabilized To Prevent Degradation
  • Made From Various Unstable Polymers Leach Harmful Chemicals
  • Discarded Quickly And Not Properly Disposed
  • Degradation Begins Immediately
  • Susceptible To Degradation Caused By UV Exposure,
    Temperature And Oxidation
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Environmental Impact

Once installed, our erosion control systems help to decrease sedimentation and pollutants and encourage infiltration of water back into the ground water table. These are two reasons why the EPA has identified HPTRMs like PYRAMAT as a Best Management Practice for improving water quality.

This vegetated outcome supports a living shoreline because it helps maintain a healthy environment for aquatic life habitats. Alterative hard armoring like rock riprap can cause the temperature of waterways to increase, which adversely impacts fish populations.