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The PYRAMATTRESS® Engineered Mattress System is an erosion control solution designed to resist potential scour and erosion caused by the constant flow of water or high hydraulic stresses. The system utilizes the durability and erosion resistance of PYRAMAT® 75 High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) to construct a geosynthetic/soil/rock composite for protection of channels, slopes, and spillways.

Features & Benefits

Design & Performance

  • Geosynthetic composite design allows for smaller rock-fill size, for improved water flow over traditional solutions
  • Smaller void space allows for reduced erosion and higher performance
  • Produces composite internal structure to provide immediate erosion protection upon installation
  • Components are environmentally inert and not susceptible to corrosion
  • Components are stabilized against degradation, allowing for an increased design life
  • Custom designed to fit each unique landscape
  • Provides permanent erosion protection for up to 75 years • Highly UV stabilized for applications with little or no vegetation
  • Combines the superior erosion control protection of PYRAMAT with the exceptional hydraulic and soil retention properties of GEOTEX
  • Can be combined with other Propex Engineered Earth Solutions such as ARMORMAX to optimize design


  • Yields a vegetated solution that is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Filters sediment and pollutants to improve water quality
  • Encourages infiltration of water back into the groundwater table
  • Reduces erosion and reinforces vegetation to meet Low Impact Design (LID) criteria

Cost Savings

  • System is easily transported making it ideal for sites that are difficult to access
  • Units are deployed faster than conventional methods and can be filled using machinery
  • Compact design makes shipping costs more effective than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Propex Erosion Control

    Erosion Control

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  • Steepened Channels and spillways
  • Pipe outlets
  • Swales and low flow channels
  • Arid environments
  • Storm Water Drainage Systems
  • Steep and Moderate Slopes
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