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MIRAFI® Nonwoven Geotextiles

MIRAFI® Nonwoven geotextiles are made from high-quality polypropylene staple fibers that are needle-punched to form a dimensionally stable fiber network. Nonwovens are used for drainage applications, pavement interlayers and separation/stabilization beneath paved and unpaved roads. Our nonwoven product line is compliant with AASHTO/NTPEP standards and is available in a variety of styles to fit your specific project needs and specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Requires less aggregate during construction saving $50,000 per lane mile on average and reducing road thickness
  • Doubles the service life of the road by separating the aggregate base from the soil
  • Offers high water flow rate and lateral transmissivity to reduce pore water pressure under traffic loading
  • High interface friction to restrain and strengthen aggregate layers
  • Engineered with optimal elongation to avoid puncture and tearing during installation
  • Provide superior hydraulics and soil retention to support filtration
  • Mitigates dust in unpaved roads
  • Provides cushioning and protection for critical lining systems
  • Resists biological and chemical environments normally found in soils
  • AASHTO/NTPEP Certified
  • Reduces overall maintenance cost, saving up to 50% on road repairs
  • Installs faster than traditional methods reducing overall construction time
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