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Erosion Control

  • Mark Cadotte

    Pacific West
  • Mark Criswell

    Northeast U.S. & Eastern Canada
  • Chris Lewis

    South Central U.S.
  • Adam Pierce

    Southeast U.S.
  • Todd Larson

    North Central U.S.
  • Geosynthetics

  • Larry Nichols

  • Ryan Gearhart

  • Mark Chaput

    South Central
  • Juan Pablo Broissin

    Latin America
  • Jeff Harris

  • Erik Johnson

    Great Lakes
  • Andy Lister

  • Frank Pace, P.E.

    North Central
  • Martin Uptain

    Southeast U.S.
  • Chris Davison

    Pacific Northwest U.S. and Canada
  • Todd Julian

    Mid Atlantic
  • International

  • Felipe Fernández

  • Ron Sutton

    International Exports
  • Looking for technical support? Our team is here to assist you.

    As the industry leader in geotextile solutions for civil engineering, erosion control, and slope stabilization applications, Propex offers world-class technical support for every stage of your project. At Propex, we invest in intellectual talent to ensure you are provided support by experts in the field, which entails:
  • Doug Deem

    Market Development Manager
  • Jared Hill, P.E.

    Applications Engineer, GeoSolutions
  • Matt Patton, P.E.

    Applications Engineer, GeoSolutions
  • Chastity Adkins

    Technical Manager
  • Ben Campbell, P.E.

    Market Development Manager
  • Jeff Hoilman, P.E.

    Market Development Manager
  • Michael Johnson, P.E.

    Market Development Manager
  • Jay Daily

    G.S. Regional Sales Engineer
  • Drew Loizeaux, P.E.

    Engineering Services Manager
  • Kathryn Grant

    Director of Marketing
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