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SCOURLOK® Engineered Bank Stabilization System

SCOURLOK® is a robust Engineered Bank Stabilization System designed to resist extreme hydraulic stresses and protect shorelines and embankments while promoting vegetation. It was developed for applications that need below water scour protection in addition to slope stabilization and erosion control provided by ARMORMAX® and PYRAMAT® Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions.

Features & Benefits


  • Enhances water quality by increasing pollutant and nutrient removal
  • Yields a vegetated solution that is more aesthetically pleasing
    than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Vegetating pockets can be filled with a mulch/soil mixture or
    other media to sustain plant growth

Design & Performance

  • Resists extreme hydraulic stresses, protecting vegetated an
    un-vegetated shoreline applications
  • Can be installed below or above water to fully armor the
    entire shoreline
  • Units can easily be connected and contoured to accommodate
    projects of any size
  • Combines the superior erosion control protection of PYRAMAT
    with the exceptional hydraulic and soil retention properties of GEOTEX
  • Can be combined with other Propex Engineered Earth Armoring
    Solutions such as ARMORMAX to optimize design
  • Features DIRICKX systems flood and expeditionary barrier units, as used to protect military and civilian personnel in dangerous environments

Cost Savings

  • Units can be filled with in-situ soils, eliminating the cost of
    importing fill material to a jobsite
  • Compact design makes shipping costs more effective than
    traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Units ship pre-assembled for fast and easy installation,
    reducing overall installation costs
  • Units are deployed faster than conventional methods and
    can be filled using machinery
  • Propex Erosion Control

    Erosion Control

  • Propex Slope Stabilization

    Slope Stabilization

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  • Stream banks
  • Canals
  • Lake/pond banks
  • Roadway & Highway Embankments
Scourlok hixson hero image

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