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Welcome to the Propex Design Suite. Our engineers have curated a collection of design tools and applications for the most challenging geosynthetic solutions.

EC Design

This comprehensive erosion control modeling application meets Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 15 (HEC-No15) and Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). It provides in-depth analysis and product recommendations for channel protection and slope stabilization while integrating nonhydraulic stresses, functional longevity, and performance in critical scenarios for consideration.


Propex's GEO Design evaluates the geotechnical stability of our Engineered Earth Armoring Solutions. It considers the overall site conditions to determine the factor of safety against sliding, overturning, and bearing capacity following standard engineering practices. GEO Design allows for the configurations of various cross-sections for both PYRAWALL and SCOURLOK, creating project specific design scenarios.

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