Lexington Street

Lexington Hero


Location: Manor, TX

Project Type: Roadways

Application: Roadway Drainage Systems

Product Used: ARMORMAX


To support the Shadow Glenn Golf Club and adjacent residential developments, the City of Manor, TX needed to construct improvements to Lexington Street. An unnamed tributary to the Colorado River required a multi-barrel box culvert beneath Lexington Street.


To facilitate large precipitation events, the consulting engineer designed the sag of the road at the box culvert location to serve as an emergency spillway. To prevent scour erosion on the roadway embankments and potential damage to the roadway during flood events, the consulting engineer chose ARMORMAX® 75 Engineered Earth Armoring Solution for protection.


This system was chosen because it offered a lower cost solution than traditional hard armoring solutions and yielded a vegetated outcome that is more aesthetically pleasing than concrete. ARMORMAX successfully protected the embankment during a high flood event that carried large debris across the installation. The robust HPTRM did not experience any damage.

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