Middle Logan Creek

Middle Logan Hero
Mlc overview


Location: Randolph, NE

Project Type: Channel Armoring

Application: Dams & Levees

Product Used: ARMORMAX

Mlc prob


Middle Logan Creek runs through Randolph, Nebraska from west to east, placing much of the town in a federally designated floodplain. Due to the flooding, residents in Randolph are required to carry expensive flood insurance. Permits for the construction of new buildings and renovations of existing ones have been placed on hold because of the location. The area has been flooded 14 times in the past 100 years, with the last major flood occurring in 2019. The unpredictable nature of the flooding has caused a severe impact on the town.

Mlc sol


In order to remove most of the town from the floodplain, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers widened a 1.5 mile segment of Middle Logan Creek. After the channel was extended, ARMORMAX® was installed on the slide slopes in order to stabilize vegetation.

Mlc perf


The end goal of the project is to carry water from future 100-year floods through the city in the channel and eliminate flooding in Randolph. The project was very successful, vegetation for the widened channel is protected and stabilized with Armormax, therefore increasing resiliency.

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