Modesto Regional Stormwater Basin

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Location: Modesto, CA

Project Type: Shorelines & Waterways

Application: Detention Pond Stabilization

Product Used: ARMORMAX

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In the early 2000’s, the City of Modesto, CA was rapidly growing, especially on the northeast side. In anticipation of community expansion, the City recognized the need to address stormwater runoff associated with urban development. To maximize available space, a regional stormwater detention basin was incorporated into Ustach Park.

The basin was designed with a forebay and vegetation to retain stormwater and help remove pollutants and sediments from runoff. The basin’s side slopes were constructed on a 2:1 slope and seeded. Vegetation did not fully establish on the slopes, resulting in the formation of rills and gullies. Erosion and soil loss resulted in water quality challenges and became a maintenance issue for the City of Modesto Public Works.

Modesto Install


In 2011, O’Dell Engineering and Modesto Public Works, sought to implement a reinforced vegetation system to provide long-term erosion control. ARMORMAX® was selected and installed in 2012. The system is composed of Engineered Earth Anchors that are designed and tested for compatibility and performance with PYRAMAT® 75 High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM). This installation used B1 anchors and incorporated irrigation.

Modesto performance


The HPTRM component is engineered to encourage vegetative growth and reinforce root systems to provide long-term erosion control. Additionally, the high tensile strength of the HPTRM can withstand mower and maintenance equipment, allowing Public Works to easily maintain the slopes.

More than a decade after installation, the regional stormwater basin is heavily vegetated and shows no signs of erosion. A small wetland area has formed in the bottom of the basin providing a natural habitat and water quality treatment through filtration.

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