Paradise Creek Water Quality Enhancement

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Location: National City, CA

Project Type: Coastlines & Waterways

Application: Streambank Stabilization

Product Used: Pyramat 25

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The Paradise Creek Water Quality & Community Enhancement project is part of National City capital improvement program to treat stormwater runoff. Erosion along the creek’s bank was depositing sediment into the water and impacting water quality. Additionally, the creek’s channel was blocked by debris, which resulted in flooding during rain events.

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The first phase of the project sought to divert and convey stormwater flow collected from Paradise Creek to a bio-filtration detention basin for treatment prior to discharge back into Paradise Creek. This phase also included removing debris from the creek channel, implementing erosion control protection, and establishing native, drought tolerant vegetation.

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PYRAMAT® 25, a woven turf reinforcement mat (TRM), was chosen by the design engineer to protect the 1.5H:1V creek bank slopes and channel bottom from erosion and to help establish native vegetation. Designed with patented X3® Fiber Technology, PYRAMAT 25 is engineered for superior erosion control on moderate slopes and vegetated waterways. Approximately 2,500 square yards of PYRAMAT 25 was installed and then soil filled, hydroseeded and covered with a bio-degradable erosion control blanket to help establish vegetation.

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